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Collective Equipment

Collective Equipment: Intersection, Solidarity and Transformative Politics was a workshop with urbanist and sociologist Anne Querrien at Arts Catalyst in September 2018. The workshop discussed ‘collective equipment’ as spaces of intersection and reconfiguration of political struggles, and their role in catalysing processes of social transformation, collective self-care and alternative forms of governance, organised by the Architecture and Social Movements Research Group, Royal College of Art.


Alberte presented the research project, A Stage for Any Body, which questions the role of nuclear family housing, and proposes a new model of care cooperative. It explores alternative forms of sharing and collectivising care, reorganising both reproductive and affective labour. Taking the idea of nurture kinship, living as a cooperative in this way is able to facilitate non-familial intimate relations. By splitting dwelling and collective use 50:50, the project aims to provide adequate support for both the coop and the local community to organise and support one another.

More information here.

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