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Emily Wilding Davison Memorial

Type: Public realm

Year: 2023

Client: Vanbrugh Park Estate Residents Association


Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison was born on 13 Vanburgh Park Road West in 1872. The house no longer exists but has been replaced by part of the Vanbrugh Park Estate. The local community have been trying to commemorate her, including an application to install an English Heritage blue plaque in 2015, and suggestions to change the name of Vanbrugh Park Road West to Emily Wilding Davison Road or Wilding Road.


Our project suggests the memorial should become a useful space for the residents of today’s Vanbrugh Park Estate, to reflect Wilding Davison’s famous maxim: ‘Deeds, not words!’ The first phase of the project was funded by a GLA ‘Untold Stories’ grant and was completed in 2023.

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EWD_workshop photo 1.jpg
EWD_workshop sketch.jpg
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