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Purchese Street Open Space

Type: Public realm

Year: WIP

Client: Camden Council


Purchese Street Open Space is a public square co-designed by Edit with a group of teenagers in Somers Town. Commissioned by DSDHA and Camden Council, the project forms part of a wider public realm upgrade and masterplan, Central Somers Town, by DSDHA for Camden Council.


Edit designed and led workshops with Somers Town Community Association youth group to develop a space that caters to teenagers’ diverse needs. Multi-use games areas are often the option provided for young people, and tend to be a space that boys feel more comfortable inhabiting. Instead, we have provided a range of zones for socialising, combining flexible seating arrangements, bespoke swings and a smaller sports area.


The space includes bespoke benches arranged to suit multiple group sizes and levels of intimacy, a hammock and group swing for informal relaxation or play, and a basketball key with open fencing. The co-design process included a guided tour by the local young people, creating mood boards and choosing materials and testing seating layouts in 1:1 to consider the impact of proximity and orientation. The project is due to start on site in spring 2024.

Featured in Architects Journal.

PSOS_view 1.jpg
PSOS_workshop 2.jpg
PSOS_workshop 1_edited.jpg
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