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Alternative Histories

The contemporary home is a political project, hidden beneath stylistic flourishes and clichés. The status quo is upheld and reproduced through a wealth of media, cultural norms, and consumer trends. In order to undermine these established hierarchies, this project seeks to understand and subvert the media that supports them.

Each pair of images is titled Spot the Edit, referencing the well known ‘spot the difference’ puzzle game, engaging the viewer to think about the contrast between the two scenarios.

Alternative Histories uses recognisable images from popular culture to highlight ingrained behaviour and social constructs. These quick and accessible thought experiments were initially intended as part of the fictional narrative for the Gross Domestic Product, imagining how our world may now look had the first domestic hoover been designed for collective use.

Living Room_unedited upload.jpg
Living Room_edited FINAL UPLOAD.jpg

References include The Simpsons, The Shining, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Desperate Housewives.

200523_Desperate Housewives_original a.p
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