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Oslo Architecture Triennale

In 2019, Edit was invited by the Oslo Architecture Triennale to present a prototype developed as part of Honey I’m Home. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a fictional prototype for collectivising domestic labour. As an alternative to the capitalist assumption that housework is most efficient when performed individually, the GDP is a device that can be used only by three people.


We have a history of shared kitchens, shared laundrettes and public bath houses as proud civic monuments, which the project references and learns from. In order to imagine how these small transitions affect larger change, the hoover is set within a fictional narrative presenting the three-person hoover as a discarded idea from 1919 (when the original domestic hoover took its current form). The project asks us to imagine how we could now be living, had we followed an alternative trajectory.

Featured in Dezeen and Wallpaper*.

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