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Revealing Objects

Revealing Objects is an alternative exhibition catalogue for the Barbican exhibition, How We Live Now, looking at Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative. Rather than focusing on Matrix alone, the catalogue showcases the work of different organisations involved in highlighting voices often marginalised in architecture and design as well as reinterpreted archival materials. 


The starting point was asking the following questions, what is a feminist archive and how do we go about its dissemination?

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Revealing Objects_Making Space Chapter 5

For the pack as well as the exhibition space, we designed a new typeface. The typeface is influenced by the motion studies by domestic engineers of the early 20th Century, and is inspired by the Barbican’s current typeface, which is Futura. We tested the use of different tools and domestic objects to develop this textured typeface, which is  soft and informal. Inspired by the concept behind it, we’ve named it Domestic.

With contributions from Afterparti, Decosm, DisOrdinary Architecture, Manual Labours, Part W and ourselves, Revealing Objects is a collection of essays, posters, activities, and maps. Each object can be read and used to consider architecture and urbanism’s role in reinforcing inequalities, gender roles and colonial legacies, and the effect this has on whether we feel welcome or ignored, ‘at home’ or ‘out of place’.


Risograph printed by Earthbound, pack photos by Thomas Adank.

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